Attends Pull Ons 8 Small Multipack ( 4 x 16)

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Attends Pull Ons 8 are a range of pull on disposable pants with outstanding absorption, specially designed to manage heavy urinary and faecal incontinence.

Fast absorption is provided through an Active Zone area centred in the middle of the pad, designed to reduce the risk of leakage and provide effective absorption where it is needed. Leakage barriers are also included in the pad in order to reduce the risk of leakage.

Natural Odour Protection technology is built in to the pads to effectively reduce the risk of unpleasant smells, allowing you to relax throughout the day without the worry of unwanted odour.

These pants can be pulled up and down easily when required but have the additional protection of built in incontinence pad, maximising dignity during use.

The pants are fitted with a breathable elasticated waistband in order to provide improved comfort for the wearer, giving the wearer an increased feeling of freedom.

The flexible fit and breathable backing gives Attends Pull Ons the feeling of normal underwear, increasing comfort and freedom.

A wetness indicator aids good nursing practice and acts as a guide to when the pad requires changing. In order to find the right size of pants for you, measure your hip and waist size, and whichever size is larger should be used as a reference for choosing your ideal size.

Attends Pull Ons 8 Small have a waist size of 60-90cm. They also feature side tears for easy removal, providing extra convenience.

The breathable material of the pants keeps your skin healthy and prevents any irritation or damage. These pants have been dermatologically tested to ensure they are soft and gentle on the skin.


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