Walking Frame Caddy for Zimmer Style

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Keep independent with a caddy and tray to let you move things around while keeping the security of your walking frame.  The Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy is suitable for most fixed frame wheeled walking frames. Designed to allow items to be carried safely. The Caddy has a large compartment and a small compartment making it easy to keep different items separate, such as glasses, medication, books, knitting, etc.  There is also a tray designed for carrying a plate of food and a mug holder which can sit on top of the compartments when needed. Easy to clean and dishwasher proof, the caddy also has drainage holes, letting it dry quickly.

Also available for folding walking frames

Maximum carry weight: 2kg

Width with tray: 457mm (18″) : Without tray: 434mm (17″)

Depth: 310mm (12.25″)


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