Anti-Slip Jar Opener

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Opening jars can be a right pain in the fingers, get a grip with these terrific jar openers.  It’s a small thing but it helps you to be more independent and stops tears of frustration when you come across a stubborn jar lid. Part of a range of anti slip products can be built into a system that can be used to maintain independent living for people with impairments to the strength of their grip or limits to mobility.  Made from 100% silicone rubber.  Silicone rubber is totally non toxic and safe to use anywhere. These grip enhancing living aids are available in different colours and sizes to suit you and your needs.  Washable and very durable.  Provides firm grip and hold.  Non-toxic and chemically inert.  Safe to autoclave safe to 250º

Fully washable and long lasting

Available in Red, Yellow and Blue

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Blue, Red, Yellow


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