32″/ 26″ Handi-Grip Max

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This reaching device is ideal for anyone with limited mobility or range of motion. It can also be useful to those who are recovering from lower-body injuries or surgeries such as hip replacements or ACL repairs, which can greatly reduce your ability to move and reach objects on a daily basis.

The Handi-Grip Max’s jaw is made from soft rubber allowing for a more precise pick up. It’s ergonomic comfy gel grip handle design avoids finger and wrist strain in use. No matter what your level of dexterity is, the flexibility allowed by the Handi-grip’s ‘tug and twist’ head allows for safe reaching wherever you are. The style of the jaw aids visibility of the item in question, and once picked up the traction in the jaw makes sure the user has the optimum hold of the item – saving time and effort daily. The Handi-grip max also features a lockable grip making it even easier to keep a strong hold. Simply pull on the red grip button and it keeps hold until you squeese the trigger to release, This is one of the best Helping Hands on the market.

This comes in two sizes:

23″ (80cm)

26″ (66cm)

Please chose your preferred length from the drop down menu to ensure you get the correct size.

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32", 26"


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